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10 Tips for AWS Reinvent


📌 10 Tips for AWS Reinvent📌

I am not attending re-invent in person 😭, but I will attend it in the future.

Here are my 10 tips

1️⃣ Workshop: Try to attend as many workshops as possible, as all the session videos are available on youtube after 24-48 hours. You will get a chance for hands-on experience as well as if you are stuck somewhere, you will have an AWS team member to guide and help you.

2️⃣ Chalk Talk: They are pretty good, and you can interrupt the speaker to ask any question compared to a session where you need to wait till the end. These sessions are highly interactive content, beginning with a short lecture delivered by an AWS expert and then a 45- or 50-minute Q&A session with the audience.

3️⃣ Leadership Sessions: If you want to know more about the Newly launched specific product, try to attend the Leadership session e.g., there are sessions specific to Compute, Database, AI/ML, etc.

4️⃣ Keynote Session: To get information about all the products launched, attend the Keynotes session.

5️⃣Sessions: Finally, Session talks or depends upon your personal preference.

6️⃣ Try to schedule all your sessions in one hotel. Jumping from one hotel to another is time-consuming. AWS provides a shuttle service, but sometimes it takes more than an hour to reach the different hotel

7️⃣Please, reserve sessions in advance(You can reserve your seat in advance, AWS opens the window ~1 month ahead)(I don't know if this still holds), else you need to be in the WalkIn queue and at least need to be there 1 hour prior, and even then, it's not sure you will get a seat. Bummer, this is the biggest lesson I learned.

8️⃣ For Keynote, at least reach two-hour advance if you need a better seat/view.

9️⃣ This conference is an excellent place to enhance your networking circle. Talk to as many people as possible, as everyone is there to learn, and you will be amazed at how there are trying to solve their problems which may be helpful in your future project.

1️⃣0️⃣ Be prepared to walk a lot so protect your feet. Even if you schedule all your sessions in one hotel, you still need to walk a lot.

I hope you liked this blog post about AWS Re:Invent. If you have attended Re:Invent before, Let me know your experience in the comment section 👇

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