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AWS Attendee Guides for Re:Invent 2022


AWS Attendee Guides

➡️ Browse re:Invent 2022 attendee guides, curated by AWS Heroes, AWS industry teams, and AWS Partners. Each guide contains recommended sessions, tips and tricks for building your agenda, and other useful resources. Stay tuned for more guides!

✅ AWS Hero guides

What does #reInvent have offer to your startup? @srhtcn has your answer. 🆕 ☁️ 🔨

➡️ AWS Community Hero Serhat Can curated his Attendee Guide to help founders get the best out of re:Invent.

View the guide now. 👉

Eager to learn more about data & analytics?☁️💡📊

➡️ In his #reInvent Attendee Guide, #AWS Data Hero @m_lewis handpicks sessions for those with an interest in getting hands-on with data collection & analysis.

View the guide here. 👉

Are you an introvert? ☮️😌💆

➡️ Follow the advice of #AWS Community Hero @MargaretValtie to learn how to navigate #reInvent without getting burned out.

View her guide now. 👉

What's the framework for a modern approach to cloud security?☁️🔒⛓️

➡️ @marknca has an #AWS #reInvent Attendee Guide to help guide you to the answer.

View the guide here. 👉

Is this your first #reInvent? ☁️ 🆕 🎟️

➡️ AWS Community Hero @btarbox helps you optimize your schedule with his Attendee Guide.

View the guide here. 👉

Lost in the cloud? Here's an easy solution. Automate everything! 🤔☁️⚙️

➡️ @hoegertn has crafted a #reInvent Attendee Guide to help you discover new ways to improve your #AWS infrastructure.

View the guide now. 👉

Want to dip your toe into the world of DevOps? ⚙️ 📙 💡

➡️ AWS Community Hero Chris Williams (@mistwire)'s guide to plan your #reInvent around the hands-on workshops, chalk talks, & other sessions that he recommends.

View the guide now. 👉

Looking to grow your knowledge of building storage platforms on #AWS? 🗃️ ☁️ 👨‍💻

➡️ AWS Community Hero @DaveBuildsCloud has the perfect #reInvent 2022 Attendee Guide for you.

View the guide now. 👉

Discover the power of serverless applications with #AWS Serverless Hero @AngelaTimofte. 📝 ☁️ 📱

➡️ Her #reInvent guide has the sessions you need to build for scale without worrying about managing infrastructure.

Follow along here. 👉

Fans of #MachineLearning, your #AWS Hero is here. ☁️🤖💻

➡️ @vfcarida shares his #reInvent guide designed to help you maximize time leveling up your machine learning skills.

View the guide here. 👉

Planning for #reInvent 2022? 📝 ☁️ 💻

➡️ AWS Community Hero @DrewFirment shares his guide for leaders seeking to maximize their enterprise investments in CloudComputing.

View Drew's guide now. 👉

Learn how #AWS DevTools make software delivery a painless task.☁️⚙️🔨

➡️ @franciscoed & @mfpalladino cherry-picked the #reInvent sessions they'd take to help address the daily challenges software engineers face.

View their guide now. 👉

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