Adit Modi

Cloud Architect

Adit is working as Senior DevOps Engineer with Simform, a firm specializing in delivering enterprise-level AWS cloud solutions. His work includes creating infrastructure, building ETL pipelines and architecting distributed systems on AWS. 💻

Adit has completed my Bachelors in CS from Dharmsinh Desai University. He has 5+ years of experience working in the Cloud Industry. In his previous role as a Cloud DevOps Engineer ( Intern ) he worked on containerizing microservices applications using Docker and Kubernetes in AWS. In his current role as a Cloud Engineer he works on developing infrastructure for the Data Engineering Teams to work on. 🎓

He enjoys challenging himself by going through the complete study preparation process and studying for certification exams. To date, he has been successful in earning 20+ cloud/devops-related certifications, including 12 AWS certifications and 3 Azure Certifications. 🎖️

Adit is Co-Organizer of AWS User Group Vadodara, HashiCorp Ambassador, DevOps Institute Ambassador and Lift “Cloud Captain” for his contributions towards the Open Source Communities. As part of these programs he has been involved in lot of talks and sessions around cloud communities. So far, he has mentored over 1,500+ students to help them launch or accelerate their career in Cloud. Over the past few years, he has delivered more than 100+ talks/seminars on various fields of Technology and impacted more than 10k students! ⭐

He runs a community called Cloud Tech which is aimed at people within the industry with 0-3 years experience, help them launch or accelerate their career in Cloud. They also publish daily news and articles on LinkedIn and Medium to keep up with latest Technologies. Cloud Tech has over 10k followers across all social media. 🦄

Adit enjoys writing technical blogs and tutorials on AWS services in his spare time. He has published numerous posts on Medium and Forem, and his total following on all platforms is close to 10,000. He runs newsletters around Cloud, BigData, DevOps and Serverless topics for several organizations and is the main author for Cloud Tech, DailyDevOps and Big Data Journal among other non-profit publication organizations. 📚

He is always open to Public/Meetup Speaking and mentoring, Feel free to connect !!!